“It has been very useful to me to see the transition as a process that takes time and to view the stages of transition without jumping right into a new job that might not be the right fit.”
-Male, Sergeant, Air Force Hot Spots.

“The coaching I received from Deb really helped me to evaluate my work values and personal vision outside of the military. After serving active duty for six years, the idea of being able to choose the kind of work environment I would like to be part of or the location I would like to live in was very foreign to me. It was great having someone other than family and friends listen to my experiences and goals while giving me guidance on how to better serve myself and my family in the future. Although I am still job searching, the coaching I received continues to influence the jobs and companies I apply to while keeping my long term goals in mind. I highly recommend her coaching to veterans who are feeling a little lost in their new role as a civilian.”
-Female, United States Air force, E5.

“Thank you for always believing in me to continue to be my best self. You are a great active listener and the fact that your own son is a combat veteran makes it easier for us to open up to you.”
-Male, Sergeant, Army, National Guard.

“Deb provided invaluable in assisting me in quickly transitioning to a more civilian based career within my personal values and goals. Her professional manner and positive attitude enabled constructive improvements in my new civilian career search. Deb also assisted me in identifying key career paths and avoiding a waste of time on unrealistic expectations and inexperience in corporate America. Deb’s real world experience allowed positive mentoring for a more holistic transition and focusing on culture within the military/civilian sector. She remains a superb mentor and coach for any military professional and provides wise, powerful advice and mentoring/coaching/assistance. I highly recommend her.”
-Male,Colonel, United States Army

“Debora Humphreys is a wonderful life coach. Throughout my transition from military to civilian life, she has helped me reflect and focus on all my life accomplishments. She has made a positive impact on my life. Debora has helped me with my personal goals and professional objectives. She is a great listener, warmhearted, compassionate, fun, and intuitive person. Most of all, determined and committed to help you get your life back on track. Her guidance as my life coach has helped me to keep moving forward. I highly recommend her to veterans and their families as they transition to civilian life from military life.”
-Air force spouse of nearly 26 years, E8.