Vet Services

If you are a returning veteran, the transition to civilian life may be challenging, but know that your experience can translate into rich and rewarding next steps. I offer my services to you free of charge so that you can move forward with confidence.

A little About Us

Deb’s passion for helping returning veterans stems from her own experience as mother to a former Marine who safely returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and has now found a way to continue to serve our country, family, and community.

My husband and I finally gave ourselves permission in 2003 to break away from the daily news vigil to take a hike to reflect and clear our minds and heart. We were half way through our hike when we got a call from our daughter who was in tears after hearing news that another helicopter was down. Yes, our son was one of the first Huey pilots that crossed over the Iraqi border at the start of the war. My husband and I did not finish our hike, but went home waiting for “the call.” Thankfully, it did not come.

We were the very fortunate parents who had our son return from combat safely. While we were horrified when he decided to join the military, we have grown to understand his motivation and commitment to serve. As a daughter of a WWII medic and friend of many Vietnam vets, those wars were still distant for me. Having my son involved in Iraqi Freedom brought this war close to me and became my tipping point to want to honor those who serve and to better understand how we, as a community, can help them return.

Like many other communities, our small community of Avila Beach, CA, rallied to place yellow ribbons and send care packages when our troops left for Iraq, but now those trees, piers, mail, and cars are faded from memory of the difference they made in honoring those who serve.

How can we honor and recognize those veterans who are voluntarily or involuntarily returning? In my small way, I am now fortunate enough to have time, commitment, and expertise, and networks to give back to those who have served. My goal is to help returning veterans make good decision to reintegrate and move forward into civilian life. I do not want them to let go of the learning, honor, and motivation they gained from military duty, but to take that learning and shape it in a way that fits the next journey.
My hope is that my work as readjustment coach can give veterans the self-trust and direction to move forward and to motivate others to join us to honor the sacrifices they have made.

More About What We Do

No-Fee Transition Coaching Services for Returning Veterans

– Are you are finally home to the Central Coast and wondering “what’s next?”

– Have you made the decision to find a new career or go back to school but do not know where to start?

– Are you ready to move forward to a positive change, but feel stuck?

For those recently returning veterans who want to move forward in sorting out a new direction, Waypoint Coaching and Consulting can help you explore next steps.

As a readjustment coach, I work one-on-one or in small groups to guide you through a process of honoring and building on your past, naming/shifting the emotions that support or get in the way of moving forward, building self- awareness of who you are today, and providing tools and resources to explore and act on new directions.

I honor the veterans’ past military experience and related learning/training.

You have gained education, skills, habits, attitudes and behaviors that are very transferable to civilian life. As your coach, I can help you explore that experience in a way that prepares you to make good decisions, communicate with others, and trust your readiness to move forward

Together we assess basic needs and will explore related resources as needed.

I work with you and other support resources to discuss your readiness to move forward to work or school. There may be several paths to reaching your final goal and I can help you navigate the best course. I work closely with other veteran community groups that can be called on if needed.

I collaborate with others when needed to help you connect with community resources and potential employers.

Waypoint coaching networks with the greater San Luis Obispo area employers, Veterans’ Center, Veterans’ Services Center, The Chamber of Commerce, America’s Job Center, and related organizations to monitor employment opportunities and expand service options. When you have identified an organization of interest, we can work with you to understand the new business culture, expectations, as well as opportunities.

We also educate employers about returning veterans’ strengths, needs, and some of the local trends that we have experienced.

You will discover opportunities for veterans to meet as a group.

I can help you find various veteran groups that are available in the community and with your interests.

If you have a spouse, he or she can get career/life planning.
Transitions impact the entire family. While we are not family therapists, we can offer career/life coaching to spouses who are ready for a transition.