Waypoint Services

Vision: To inspire a spirit of self-trust, curiosity, discovery, and resiliency

What we do:
Waypoint partners with individuals and organizations to facilitate the change process in a way that honors the past, trusts new learning, and engages creative adventure and exploration toward the desired future.

Specific Services for Organizations
Deb Humphreys, Ph.D. is an experienced organization development consultant and leadership/life coach dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations through successful growth and transitions. Services include:

  1. Organization Development (build on the organization’s foundation of strength for visioning, strategic planning, climate surveys, change management, team building)
  2. Transition Planning (i.e. new leader transition process)
  3. Off Site/Meeting Design and Facilitation (specialize in designing and facilitating interactive, “World Cafés” )
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Conflict Management/Civil Discourse through league of Women Voters programming

Leadership Development and Life Coaching Services for Individuals (No-Fee for Returning Veterans)

Deb Humphreys, Ph.D. is a Certified Professional Coach available to support clients interested in making successful transitions and develop leadership potential.

Waypoint Coaching also provides no fee readjustment coaching for vets interested and ready to move forward. We work in collaboration with other community veteran services in order to help veterans and their spouses get comprehensive, coordinated support in making good decisions and find new opportunities.

Coaching is not therapy. The focus is on the future to build self-awareness, identify future vision, set and act on goals, provide support, track and celebrate progress. Coaching is especially effective to help others expand their options, see things in new ways, and make good decisions about future direction.